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Infrastructure Outlook 2013 Bricsa Consulting

Why you should get involved in INFRASTRUCTURE OUTLOOK 2014?

INFRASTRUCTURE OUTLOOK 2014 will showcase major infrastructure projects and investment opportunities in the African, Asian and the Middle East region and each event will provide a platform for international and regional companies to meet as well as learn about the existing or new infrastructure contracts on offer.

INFRASTRUCTURE OUTLOOK 2014 2014 will bring together International and National Organizations, Government Representatives, Ministries, Project Leaders, Suppliers and Contractors to discuss the opportunities and challenges in developing the infrastructure industry in these regions in a sustainable and profitable way.

The 2 day strategic conference format will unite international investors and industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise to explore investment opportunities and ways to tackle the current challenges in the emerging market. The conference participants shall engage you with their insights, reviews and comprehensive analytical sessions, meticulous tutorials, roundtable dialogues, intuitive workshops, and broad end-user case studies. You will become more conscious of how to mould, motivate and align people, structural processes and latest technologies into an invaluable strategic partner to propel your business further.

You will arrive at a revised and comprehensive understanding of the most relevant and effective Infrastructure and operational cost-reduction solutions. You will be able to share your concerns, impediments and insights into the fields and sectors that demand attention in your view. You will be an integral part of a rewarding experience that will apprise you accurately of the flavour of the political-socio-economic landscape, and assist you in discerning your target approach. You will be rewarded with an acute intuitive understanding of the mechanisms of integrated joint-approaches that directly lead to development and deliverance of quality infrastructure.







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